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"The Summer of Love"



TIME Quote of the year:  "No viet cong ever called me nigger"
Muhammid Ali commenting on refusing his draft selection - April 30, 1967

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J a n u a r y   -   M a r c h


January 1967

Sun. Jan. 1st:  Shebang, KTLA-TV Channel 5 - Los Angeles, CA (DU)
    The Doors make their first live television appearance lip-synching their first single "Break on Through". The show is hosted by Casey Kasem and produced by Dick Clark.

F I R S T   A L B U M   R E L E A S E D  &  B I L L B O A R D


"Break On Through (To the Other Side)" – 2:29
"Soul Kitchen" – 3:35
"The Crystal Ship" – 2:34
"Twentieth Century Fox" – 2:33
"Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)" (Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill) – 3:20
"Light My Fire" – 7:06

"Back Door Man" (Willie Dixon) – 3:34
"I Looked at You" – 2:22
"End of the Night" – 2:52
"Take It as It Comes" – 2:17
"The End" – 11:41

Robby Krieger – guitar
Jim Morrison – vocals
Ray Manzarek – organ, piano, keyboards, keyboard bass ("Break On Through," "The Crystal Ship," "Twentieth Century Fox,"
"Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)," "Light My Fire," "End of the Night," "The End")
John Densmore – drums
Larry Knechtel - bass ("Soul Kitchen," "Twentieth Century Fox," "Back Door Man," "I Looked At You," "Take It As It Comes")

Wed. Jan. 4th:  Debut album release - First single release
    Elektra releases The Doors first album, self-titled The Doors. "Break on Through" is released as the first single with "End of the Night" as the flip. A billboard with The Doors new album cover, the first of its kind, is put up on the Strip. Unique packaging of the album includes each band members bio.


T H E   D O O R S   F I R S T   T R I P   T O   S A N   F R A N C I S C O   &   T H E   F I L L M O R E


Fri. Jan. 6th - Sun. 8th:  Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco, CA (1st of 5 weekends)
    This is The Doors first of five weekends at the Fillmore and first trip to San Francisco. The Doors stay at the Swiss America Hotel near the red light district in the heart of the city's growing hip scene. Also appearing: The Young Rascals; Sopwith Camel

Fri. Jan. 13th - Sun. 15th: 
Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco, CA (2nd of 5 weekends)
    This is The Doors second of five weekends. Jim chooses to sit through three showings of Casablanca in a Sacramento theater and misses the Friday show. Patrons are offered a refund or returning another night. Also appearing: The Grateful Dead; The Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band.

Sat. Jan. 14th:
  The Great Human Be-In - Polo Field, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
    The Doors attend but do not play at this catalyst for upcoming rock festivals. Appearing at the show are major San Francisco bands like The Grateful Dead and The Jefferson Airplane along with notable poets and speakers such as Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, and Michael McClure. Attendance: 20,000


Thur. Jan. 19th - Sun. 29th:  Ondine - New York, NY (2nd of 3 long appearances)
    This is The Doors second trip to New York and their second of three lengthy stays at the club. On opening night Jim comes out wearing faded blue jeans and full of energy bangs his head of the low rafters at the conclusion of the first set. Although obviously dazed by the blow he fully recovers before the start of the next set. The Doors blow audiences away this trip and get better with each performance.

Tue. Jan. 31st - Thu. Feb. 2nd: 
Gazzarri's - Hollywood, CA

February 1967

Tue. Feb. 14th - Wed. 15th:  Whisky a Go-Go  - San Francisco, CA
    This is a much different Whisky than the one in L.A. featuring topless fencing and topless luncheon fashion shows! The Doors open for The Peanut Butter Conspiracy to 10-15 patrons! The Doors arrange to be replaced by the Wildflower.

Sat. Feb. 18th:  The Hullabaloo - Hollywood, CA (DU)

J I M   M E E T S   T O M   B A K E R

Tue. Feb. 21st:  Gazzarri's - Hollywood, CA

The Doors jam tonight for the grand opening of Gazzarri's new location on the Strip just down from the Whisky.  The Doors sign on for 7 more shows ending on March 2nd. Jim is both drunk and on acid most of this week giving poor overall performances. It is during this engagement that Tom Baker, a friend of Pam's, first meets Jim.
Tom is a struggling actor with an interest in all of the arts including writing, directing, and producing. He, like Jim, also loves hard drinking and fast living. Tom and Jim will become good drinking buddies regardless of the short lived affair he and Pam had while in New York.

Photo of Tom Baker taken from a promo of "I, a Man" an Andy Warhol movie Jim was also asked to do.

"While stumbling through a song he let out a deep-throated roar, a bloodcurdling scream, really, and it startled me, as though someone had snapped a wet towel against my bare skin . . . Pam kept telling me I was seeing him at far from his best. I replied that he was a good guy, but he should keep his day job." - Tom Baker, first impression while at Gazarri's

Wed. Feb. 22nd:  Valley Music Theater - Woodland Hills, CA - George Washington B'day Bash
    The Doors are the opening act for a fund raiser for CAFF (Community Action for Fact and Freedom) established by members of the entertainment business following the Sunset Strip riots in 1966.  The Doors are still underbilling for bands like The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and Peter Paul and Mary who also perform this evening.


Thu. Feb. 23rd - Fri. 24th:  Gazzarri's - Hollywood, CA

Sat. Feb. 25th:
  The 2nd Meeting of Tribes for a Human Be-In - Griffith Park, Burbank, CA
    Jerry Hopkins emcees the event, taking the UCLA film department donated stage, at around 3:00 p.m. Approximately 5,500 peple are in attendance and enjoy a continuous stream of bands throughout the day long event. The Doors perform at Gazzarri's later this evening and then for their third show of the day play an after-hours gig at The Hullabaloo from 2:00 a.m. - 4:00 a.m.

Sat. Feb. 26th - Thu. Mar. 2nd: 
Gazzarri's - Hollywood, CA (No performance on March 1st)
    Jim is very drunk and on acid usually giving poor performances again this week yet the band receives good reviews.

Review: "The Doors wield a rock 'n' roll beat with continuous jazz improvisation to produce an intense, highly emotional sound. They call their music 'primitive and personal' and find it hard to work without audience reaction. Their numbers change constantly at live shows and new ones are written as they perform. The words build with the music into an accelerating crescendo of frenzied sound. Trying to avoid the 'hard straight sound' of many rock groups, the Doors aim for 'dramatic impact' in their music. Gazzarri's crowded dance floor proves that the Doors' lyrical freedom hasn't hurt their strong rock 'n' roll dance tempo." (Francine Grace, "Vibrant Jazz-Rock Group at Gazzarri's," Los Angeles Times, 2/28/67)

March 1967

Fri. Mar. 3rd - Sat. 4th:  Avalon Ballroom - San Francisco, CA (1st of 4 weekends)
    The Doors headline their first show at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco tonight over bands like Country Joe and
the Fish and The Sparrow (later named Steppenwolf). Jim is really coming into own this night and the crowd is blown away by 'The End'. Jim dresses in all black, a stark contrast to the rainbow-colored San Francisco dress code. It is at this time the band notices Morrison clones, dressed in black leather, in the audiences.

Avalon poster Avalon poster

Tue. Mar. 7th- Sat. 11th:  Matrix - San Francisco, CA (3 sets a night for 5 nights)
    This small club only seats about 100 people and is part owned by Marty Balin of The Jefferson Airplane.  Marty has a reel to reel set up for recording while playing live and The Doors take full advantage of this unique feature. These are popularly listened to shows because the sound quality is supberb showcasing The Doors sound.  However, the shows are a little subdued for The Doors around this time. It is not known if this is due to the intimacy of the club or the attempt to play exceptionally well in order to make good recordings.  Jim seems almost stoic, but in good voice and throws in alot of poetry during improvisational pieces. Also performing: Larry Vargo
    The Doors are now much bigger than just an L.A. band with many Bay Area followers, but "Break on Through" isn't breaking the top 100 stalling out at 106.  The Doors begin to have their doubts of making it big.  Elektra tries to help the single and heavily promotes the film of The Doors performing the song.

Matrix poster

"The group was promoted modestly but enthusiastically. The film was to be in places where The Doors couldn't appear to promote themselves. Primarily, it was for television.  But it was getting their name out that was important then." - Danny Fields, Elektra promotions

Mon. Mar. 13th - Sun. Apr. 2nd:  Ondine - New York, NY (3rd and final group of shows)
    The Doors return to Ondine and the fans are waiting. The word is out and all that are hip come to see them play.

A p r i l   -   J u n e


April 1967

Wed. Apr. 5th:  Fresno District Fairgrounds - Fresno, CA (DU)

Thu. Apr. 6th: 
Modesto Skating Rink Arena - Modesto, CA (DU)

Fri. Apr. 7th:
  The Merced Legion Hall - Merced, CA
    Also performing:  Infinity

Sat. Apr. 8th: 
The Turlock Fairgrounds - Turlock, CA
    Also performing:  Infinity

Sun. Apr. 9th:  Cheetah - Santa Monica Pier, Venice CA
    The Doors appear for two shows with The Jefferson Airplane playing to their largest crowd to date of over 3,000. This new Cheetah patterned itself after the one in NYC and just opened on March 21st sporting a 7,000 sq. ft. dance floor surrounded by stainless steel walls. Riding the upward swing of success their new album is producing, The Doors, for the first time, top billing over the biggest bands from rival San Francisco. Jim is highly delighted tonight and falls off the stage in a wild rage, some 8 feet, for the first time during a performance. This is obviously a big night for the band.

Robby "Everybody was waiting for us.  'Break On Through' was out and people were turning onto the album.  It was our first really large crowd.  Over two thousand."

Fri. Apr. 14th - Sat. 15th:  Avalon Ballroom - San Francisco (2nd of 4 weekends)
    Also performing:  The Steve Miller Band and Aji Baba's Band (with his dancing girls)

Avalon poster april 14

Thu. Apr. 20th:  Taft High School - Woodland Hills, CA (DU)

Fri. Apr. 21st - Sun. 23rd: 
The Kaleidoscope at Ciro's - Los Angeles, CA
    These shows are the first ones future Doors associate Rich Linnell attends. Linnell once roomed with Krieger's twin brother Ronnie in college and will soon work his way up from equipment handler for the band to promoting them.

    "Ronnie Krieger and I were both going to college in San Diego and he kept saying I should see his brother's band.  Finally, I said I'd go with him to see them at Ciro's.  Ronnie picked me up and said we'd have to stop off in Laurel Canyon and pick up the lead singer.  When we got to the house, Ronnie said, 'Be kind of quiet, he doesn't like a lot of confusion or talk.'  I said, 'Okay, fine.'  So we picked Jim up and outside of the introductions I don't think anything was said for like twenty minutes.  We dropped him off outside and then went in and plopped ourselves down in front of the stage.  About twenty minutes later the band came out to play and what shocked me was that this quiet, mild-mannered, very unassuming guy was a madman onstage.  It was a great show and the music and everything just grabbed me.  From that point on I became a huge fan."-  Rich Linnell

    Keeping in line with promotional tactics Elektra does a little behind the scenes promoting. The label hires several young girls to go to shows and support the band by screaming, throwing underwear on stage and falling all over the guys wherever they go. Pam begins to come to almost every show wary of Jim's increasing popularity with the girls here.

"The word was out on the street that everyone had to see this lead singer because there had never been anything like him . . . with the unnatural grace of someone out of control . . . He looked like a Greek god gone wrong, with masses of dark brown curls and a face that sweaty dreams are made of . . . It was really mind-boggling.There was no modern sexy American icon at that time and he instantly became that for me and all the girls I knew and we never missed them. I saw The Doors play a hundred times." - Pamela Des Barres, author of "I'm With The band "

Sat. Apr. 29th:  Earl Warren Showgrounds - Santa Barbara, CA
    The Doors perform with The Grateful Dead who have just released their debut album. The two bands make a dynamic duo as forerunners in the music scene with hot new albums and a taste for Owsley's purple barrell acid which he presents to Jim personally upon their greeting.

" L I G H T   M Y   F I R E "  S I N G L E   I S   R E L E A S E D

Late April:  "Light My Fire" / "The Crystal Ship" - Second Single Release
    Local radio stations receive calls for "Light my Fire" but the song is too long for radio. It is released and shortened from 7 to 3 minutes omiting the long solos. It begins a slow and steady climb up the charts that will peak in July.

Sun. Apr. 30th:  Timeline - Vietnam War (Sports)
    Muhammad Ali, 25, is stripped of his title for refusing the draft for religious beliefs.

May 1967
T H E   D O O R S   B E G I N   W O R K   O N   " S T R A N G E   D A Y S "

Early May:  Sunset Sound Studios - Hollywood, CA
    The Doors begin work on their second album Strange Days with producer Paul Rothchild. After this initial session the band will not go back into the studio until August. By then the studio recording equipment will be upgraded from four tracks to eight.

Sat. May 6th:
  Hi-Corbett Field Baseball Stadium - Randolph Park, Tucson AZ (DU)
Sun. May 7th:  Valley Music Theater - Woodland Hills, CA

Fri. May 12th - Sat. 13th:  Avalon Ballroom - San Francisco, CA (3rd of 4 weekends)
    Bill Siddons, who has been assisting the band as a roadie this weekend for Rich Linnell's girlfriend, is given a job at this engagement.  He will officially begin on June 11th in NYC.

Avalon poster
I graduated from high school in 1965 and then went to Cal State Long Beach. After Rich started helping with the Doors equipment, he started telling me about them, but I wasn't very interested. I didn't know who the Doors were, 'cause they hadn't had a hit yet. When he offered me a trip to San Francisco, I said 'OK, I'll go.'

We ended up sitting in the audience at this show at the Avalon Ballroom (May 12, 1967), watching this maniac. What I remember is Jim on stage. I wasn't affected one way or the other by meeting him, but when I saw him on stage I was more emotionally gripped and moved and disturbed than I had ever been at any similar type of thing.

I remember thinking, WHAT? What is he saying? What is he doing? I don't get it. And then he said something about 'Awkward instant/And the first animal is jettisoned/Legs furiously pumping/Their stiff green gallop' and I went, 'This guy is completely out of his mind,' But I was moved by it, I could feel it. It was the first time poetry had been a movie to me, the images were so strong that they came to mind in a photo form. I could see the horses jumping off the boat. I could see them drowning.

So what was my first impression of Jim? He scared me to death. - Bill Siddons

"Ronnie Krieger and I had been going to most of the dates around L.A. and helping out with the equipment because the band didn't have anyone doing it.  We were going to go up to San Francisco for the weekend and take the equipment in the van.  Well, at the last minute my girlfriend canceled, so I called my good friend Bill Siddons.  I told him they'd pay for everything but we had to carry their equipment.  Once we got there Ronnie and I would each take one end of an amp and carry it upstairs, but Bill was a lot more energetic.  He'd grab an amp in each hand and hustle them upstairs.  This impressed the guys, particularly Robby who was in charge of the equipment stuff 'cause he had the more technical mind.  So he gave Bill a job." - Rich Linnell

Sun. May 14th:  Cheetah - Santa Monica Pier, Venice CA

B A C K   T O   T H E   W H I S K Y

Tue. May 16th - Sun. 21th:  The Whisky - West Hollywood, CA

These photos are not positively accurate to this time frame.

Sat. May 20th:  Birmingham Stadium - Van Nuys, CA
    The Doors play their first major outdoor appearance where 10,000 people show up to see The Doors open a 6:00 p.m. show with Jefferson Airplane.  A third of the crowd leaves after The Doors set.


Sat. May 27th:  Earl Warren Showgrounds - Santa Barbara, CA

June 1967

Fri. June 2nd:
  Victoria Memorial Arena - Victoria, British Columbia
    This performance is scheduled just before the gig and the show is promoted only by fliers.  Their upcoming gig at the Avalon Ballroom is bumped up from Fri. and Sat. to Sat. and Sun. to accomodate this last minute addition to The Doors busy schedule. This show is a fill in for the Pasadena Civic Auditorium with Love and Canned Heat that had to be cancelled due to renovations that were being done on the auditorium at the time.

Pasadena poster

Timeline - Music: The Beatles release Sgt. Pepper

T H E   D O O R S   H I R E   A   M A N A G E M E N T   T E A M

Avalon poster

Sat. June 3rd - Sun. 4th:  Avalon Ballroom - San Francisco, CA (4th and final weekend)
    Around this time "Light My Fire" breaks the Top 100 and begins its climb to #1 bringing The Doors national attention. The band starts hearing their songs being played frequently on the radio. The Doors hire two new managers, Asher Dann and Sal Bonafede, and an agent, Todd Schiffman, to help them organize their advancing business career.

Wed. June 7th:  Beverly Hills High School Peters Auditorium - Beverly Hills, CA (DU)

Thu. June 8th:
  The Hullabaloo - Hollywood, CA
    These shows are last minute additions in which The Doors give the locals an absolutely incredible performance before heading off to tackle San Francisco and New York. Ray didn't even know about the shows until just before they went on and there was no advertising, but the kids on the Strip knew about this show! Early and late shows. Also performing: The Sunshine Company

    "Jim arrived without his redheaded girlfriend and we climbed this rickety old ladder up to where they stored the old lighting fixtures and stuff. It was very romantic to my eyes. We had this big jug of Trimar which is sort of like liquid PCP. I was a virgin at the time and we never did go all the way, but we were rolling up there making out like crazy. The lighting was so diffused and beautiful and I was so high. It was like we were there for an eternity and all of a sudden I heard 'Light My Fire' being played. I thought it was probably in my mind or something. But it was being played for real and Jim heard it and he went, 'Oh my God, I'm on.' So he clamored down this ladder behind the stage and threw the curtain back and went on. And I followed him. I was so high, I didn't know where he was going. I just followed him onstage. I can still see the audience looking up at me. I was onstage with The Doors and I realized I shouldn't have been there. One of the roadies came and took me offstage. I don't think I'll ever forget it." Pamela Des Barres

Review: "Soon The Doors are making music, Morrison slouches over the rigid microphone and the Hullabaloo's turntable stage slowly begins to spin them towards a wildly screaming audience as the curtains pull back. A wild strobe of Instamatic flash bulbs silhouettes frantically waving hands in a lightning sky. Girls press forward against the stage. Morrison grunts, begins squirming, singing, and there's another barrage of flash bulbs and press towards the stage. The music weaves and screams into one climax after another. Morrison is literally raping the microphone between his quivering thighs, advancing toward the hungry girls pressing against the stage. And then he trips on the microphone and falls. It happens along with a musical peak and the girls scream, thining this is the way it should be. Morrison picks himself off the floor. He shouts the lyrics. Picks up the microphone stand and throws it hard. The girls can't believe it. Few are frightened, most of them have eyes that mirror an erotic spell. And Morrison jumps hard among the fallen stand. Picks it up again and throws it hard once more. Shouting the lyrics. Screaming. You look at the girls and you swear they're having orgasm. Morrison destroys the mike and the stand." (Hank Zavellos, "The Doors," Happening Magazine #5, 1968)

 "He said the Trimar might be hurting our heads and gave me a lecture on drug abuse, telling me the persona he put forward was an elaborate act, and he really wanted to be noticed as a poet . . . and though no one knew that, it would come out in the end. He was getting his poetry out to the world through this music and ultimately he would be perceived as a poet. On our way to Tiny Naylor's on La Brea, he pulled the car over, grabbed the bottle of Trimar, and threw it out the window into a yard full of overgrown ivy. 'Now we won't be tempted.' We had datenut bread and fresh orange juice while the sun came up, then cruised the silent strip to a little hotel where he was staying during his feud with the redhead. That was the only time I had my hands on Jim Morrison; he turned out to be very much a one-woman man." - Pamel Des Barres, after the gig and cruising Hollywood while Jim drove her Oldsmobile

Fri. June 9th - Sat. 10th:  
Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco (3rd of 5 weekends)

This is the first time The Doors receive top billing here!

Jim shows up late and considerably intoxicated, probably a little nervous for their first top billing gig and gets into it a heated exchange with promoter Bill Graham over something or other - probalbly Jim's obvious intoxication but none the less The Doors take the stage as scheduled. During the show Jim begins to twirl his microphone like a lasso around and around letting it go out a little further over the crowd with each pass. Graham, from behind the audience, sees this and starts rushing through the crowd towards the stage in an attempt to cease Jim, but as he approaches the stage Jim lets the microphone go and it hits the promoter square in the side of the head!  After the show Graham clears the dressing room and curses out Morrison on the liability issues and asks Jim if he is out of his fucking mind! Jim promises to be more careful in future performances. It appears as though Jim likes to stir Graham up one way or another and their relationship is one of father-son each testing one another's personalities and ethos. Between sets the other three members of the band head over to the Avalon Ballroom to check out a hot new female soul singer by the name of Janis.

F I R S T   O U T D O O R   F E S T I V A L

Sat. June 10th:  
Mt. Tamalpais Outdoor Theater - Marin County, CA - Fantasy Faire Magic Fest
    This is the very first of its kind outdoor festival, running Sat. and Sun. from 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., with all the top local bands helping usher in the dawning of the 1960's rock festivals. The Monterey Pop Festival is next week and far outshines this one but this is the first! Admission to the festival was $2.00 and all proceeds were donated to the nearby Hunters Point Child Care Center in San Francisco. The Fantasy Fair was originally scheduled for June 3 and 4 as a benefit for the center, but was delayed one week by inclement weather. Several acts booked for the original dates were unable to perform.
    The venue is a 4,000 seat outdoor facility at the Sidney B. Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre high on the south face of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California. At least 36,000 people attended the two-day concert and fair that was the first of a series of San Francisco area cultural events. After enjoying a scenic ride up the mountain from embarkation points at the Marin County Civic Center, Mill Valley and other locations, a giant Buddha balloon greeted attendees when they arrived at the amphitheater.
    Transportation was provided by the tongue-in-cheek-named "Trans-Love Bus Lines", a variation of the line "Fly Trans Love Airways, get you there on time" from the lyrics to Donovan's song "Fat Angel". Performances were on a main stage and a smaller second stage. Various art-fair type vendors sold posters, crafts and refreshments from booths scattered in the woods around the amphitheater. The festival included a large geodesic dome of pipes and fittings covered with white plastic that contained a light and sound show.
    The Doors play a good strong set with Jim swinging off a few flag poles while playing the crowd rather effectively in such a hectic atmosphere with 15,000 in attendance. The Doors also play the Fillmore Auditorium later tonight. Also performing: (either Sat. or Sun.) The Jefferson Airplane, The Fifth Dimension, Dionne Warwick, Canned Heat, The Byrds, and The Steve Miller Band just to name a few.

Review: "It was a weekend of the Big Blast on Mt. Tam. It was wild sounds and wild colors, sky-divers and side shows, bizarre hippies from the Haight Ashbury and T-shirted fraternity boys from Cal., young people necking on the sunburnt slopes and children sitting wide-eyed in a real tepee, Hell's Angels munching peanut butter sandwiches at a health bar...there was something for everybody." (Maitland Zane, "Bash on Mt. Tam," San Francisco Chronicle, June 12, 1967)

Sun. June 11th:  Village Theater - New York, NY - WOR-FM's First Anniversary Show
    The Doors are scheduled between other popular groups of the time at this large venue but quickly steal the show with their intense volume (The Doors played as loud if not louder than any other band of the time) dynamic personna and somewhat forceful performance. This is the first of two shows The Doors will play, the other being on Sept. 9.

Mon. June 12th - Thu. 15th: 
Steve Paul's Scene - NYC
    The Doors begin a three week stand in New York's hottest club where everybody comes out to see their shows. This is the band's first engagement here and will play one other in October. The Doors come to The Scene and blow audiences away with a furious pace and extremely loud dark heavy sound that is very uncharacteristic for the times. It is interesting to note that it is The Doors dark heavy sound that rules The Summer of Love in a time where peace, love and flower power is supposedly the norm. Jimi Hendrix checks out The Doors on Wed. June 14th on his way to the Monterey Pop Festival. Tiny Tim opens for the band. The Doors stay in The Great Northern Hotel on 57th Street.
    Review: "A concert promoter laughed as he told the story of Morrison madly swinging the microphone at an audience at the Scene in New York. 'Tiny Tim is scared stiff. Morrison just missed his head.' Asher Dann, former Doors manager, tried to stop Morrison, resulting in a bloody fist fight on stage." (Hank Zavellos, "The Doors," Happening Magazine #5, Summer 1967)

"The first album was like number ninety, and that was about all it was gonna be, and then came 'Light My Fire' and it went whee up to number one!...It happened so fast that we were still playing The Scene when the song hit the Top Ten. We could have been playing giant places and here we were stuck at The Scene making twenty bucks a night."

Fri. June 16th - Sat. 17th:  The Action House - Long Beach, NY (fill-in for The Scene during Monterey)
    The Scene closes for three days during The Monterey Pop Festival and The Doors, who do not represent the peace and love image of the venue are overlooked and not invited. Before the first show here Jim reportedly instructs the bartender to line up fifteen shots of Jack Daniel's, and then drinks them all, one after the other, just prior to taking the stage. As the show progresses Jim then asks the bartender to line up fifteen more and also drinks them. Jim is soon extremely drunk and obviously begins to show the signs but before he passes out he attempts to disrobe onstage! The band intervenes and the show, near conclusion, is ended abruptly. The next night, Sat. the 17th, is The Doors shortest performance ever! At the start of the show an extremely hung over Jim Morrison places the microphone in his mouth and begins to make awful groaning sounds for a long period of time until the other members help him, once again, off stage. The Action House is primarily a dance club and the club's sound system soon takes over without much ado.

Sun. June 18th:  
The Town Hall - Philadelphia, PA (fill-in for The Scene during Monterey)
    Jim is recovered and The Doors put on a marvelous show climaxing with an astonishing version of "The End".

T H E   D O O R S   B E C O M E   R O C K   S T A R S

Mon. June 19th - Sat. July 1st:  Steve Paul's Scene - NYC

During their electrifying performances at The Scene "Light My Fire" hits the top ten. Jim meets many famous people such as Andy Warhol and Paul Newman who pulls Jim aside and talks to him about the title song for a movie he is planning to produce. The Doors had made it big. Jim's behavior on and off stage becomes much talked about. He acts almost possesed. The Doors are now rock stars in every sense of the word and Jim takes it to new heights as the life of every party, every night, all night in an arena that makes his self-destructive fantasies come true. The Doors become the biggest draw in the history of the Scene and the owner Steve Paul throws a private champagne party for the band and their new entourage after their last gig.

"His performance was a classic one, giving off glimpses of all our beautiful tragic/comic American Heroes . . . one moment I saw Brando's 'wild one,' the next James Dean's 'rebel,' then Chet Baker, and finally Elvis." - Tom Baker

"I grabbed his arm and yelled, 'What the fuck are you doing?' . . . 'He ignored me and threw another glass up the stairs, simultaneously letting out with his bloodcurdling scream. I expected hordes of stoned and angry street freaks or a small army of cops to come charging down. After one final glass and scream, Jim turned and was gone. I felt frustrated that he had left for I wanted to tell him that, finally, I had met someone who was truly possessed." - Tom Baker, after one of the shows at The Scene

"One night we went to Max's in New York for dinner and Jim didn't say a word all night. He even pointed out his order to the waitress. He was acting like a six year old, making everyone feel uncomfortable. There was another night at Max's when we were sittingaround the table and he was too stoned to go to the bathroom so he took an empty wine bottle and pissed into it. He kept doing it all night. At the end of the evening Jim was smiling and in good spirits. The waitress was cleaning the table and he told her that since he couldn't finish the wine, she could take it home and enjoy it. The waitress was so thankful - Jim Morrison gave her something!" - Danny Fields, Elektra publicist

Fri. June 30th:  Timeline - Vietnam War
    448,000 American troops in Vietnam
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J u l y   -   S e p t e m b e r

          ad Sullivan show Strange days


July 1967

Mon. July 3rd:  Santa Monica Civic Center - Santa Monica, CA
    The Doors begin a long stay back in California moving around the state playing show after show at an incredible pace.  The Doors play one 8:30 p.m. show tonight to about 3,000.  Also performing:  Iron Butterfly and Rubber Maze

Santa monica ad

Wed. July 5th:  Lowell High School Auditorium - La Habra, CA
    Also performing:  The Coasters and The Standells

Sat. July 8th:
  Balboa Stadium Horseshoe- San Diego, CA
    The Doors play a 8:30 p.m. show to about 4,300.  They play a tight 45-minute set consisting of only five songs in which "Light My Fire" drives the crowd crazy.  On leaving the venue the car The Doors are travelling in is ambushed by fans and police are needed to clear the way in a Beatlesque like scene.

Sun. July 9th:
  Continental Ballrooom - Santa Clara, CA (DU)

Thu. July 13th: 
Oakland Auditorium Arena - Oakland, CA
    Also performing: Chocolate Watch Band; Peter Wheat and the Bread Men

Fri. July 14th:  
California State Fairgrounds Grandstand - Sacramento, CA
    The Doors play an 8:30 p.m. show titled "Crepuscular Happening at the Satate Fair Grandstand" in the sweltering heat of this particularly hot and humid summer.  The band's constant touring really begins to work on the crew and The Doors in their day to day travelling in such intense heat. Also performing: The Parrish Hall Blues Band; The Working Class; the Public Nuisance

State fairgrounds ad

Sat. July 15th:  Anaheim Convention Center - Anaheim, CA
    The Doors play an early 3:00 p.m. show and a later show at 8:30 p.m. with The Jefferson Airplane. The evening show draws 8,500 people. Jim shows emotions of all kinds to the crowd. He is very loose on stage, off-key, hoarse and rambling whatever comes into his head between songs. He even throws lit cigarettes into the audience during this mischeivious performance showing the beginning of his sometime obvious disdain for his audience. Also performing: the Merry Go Round

Sun. July 16th: 
Fantasy Faire & Magic Musical Fest - Devonshire Meadows Raceway - Cal. State, Northridge, CA
    The event runs Sat. and Sun. from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Also appearing:  The Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish, Canned Heat, and Iron Butterfly to name a few.

Thu. July 20th:  Victoria Memorial Arena - Victoria, Canada
    Also performing: The Collectors; Painted Ship

Fri. July 21st - Sat. 22nd:  
Dante's Inferno - Vancouver, Canada
    Also performing: The Collectors; Painted Ship
Dante's poster

Sat. July 22nd:  American Bandstand - ABC Studios, Hollywood CA
    This show is a special edition where they countdown the top 10 songs for July 1967. The Doors "Light My Fire" is currently number two and is sandwiched between Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" (3rd) and Procul Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale" (number one). The Doors are introduced after Dick Clark asks an audience member what his favorite song is and the reply is 'The Crystal Ship'. The band comes on and does a lip-synched version of the tune and then Clark does a short interview with the band after which The Doors lip-synch their current hit "Light My Fire".

Interview: Clark: "A lot of people seem to think you come from San Francisco. Is that true?"
Morrison: "No. We actually got together in LA. We do play in San Francisco alot."
Clark: "That's the explanation of why you have that association. Why is so much
happening in San Francisco? You figured it out yet?"
Morrison: "The West is the best!"
Clark: (chuckling) "All right! Fair enough!"
Clark then asks Densmore a few questions about recording their first two albums and
asks Robby about their future plans before turning back on Jim.
Clark: "Have you selected a name for the new album yet Jim?"
Morrison: "I think it's Strange Days"
Clark: "All right. Fair enough. Well do the thing that set the whole music business on fire. Ladies and gentlemen, again,
The Doors!"

Sun. July 23rd - Mon. 24th:  Eagles Auditorium - Seattle, WA
    Before their gig Jim sits in with openers the P.H. Factor for a couple of tunes and later The Doors put on a dramatic show full of vivid intensity. 

"The intensity begins the moment they stalk on stage and it doesn't let up until the purge is over, the catharsis is complete.  Even between numbers, there is no relaxation - no chit-chat, no horsing around.  Like the great actors of Japan, The Doors project all the nore intensity when they are silent.  The Doors are carnivores in a land of musical vegetarians" - Tom Robbins, Helix, Member of the Underground Press Syndicate, July 1967

"On July 23, Eagles Auditorium was raped and pillaged, anointed and sanctified, by four musicians calling themselves after a utilitarian device for opening and closing architectural entryways and medicine cabinets; The Doors. Yes, The Doors. Jeweled glass panels, knobs that resemble spitting phalluses, mail slots that glow like jack-o’lantern lips – and not a welcome mat in sight. Enter if you dare, my children, exit if you can.

The Doors. Their style is early cunnilingual, late patricidal, lunchtime in the Everglades, Black Forest blood sausage on electrified bread, Jean Genet up a totem pole, artists at the barricades, Edgar Alien Poe drowning in his birdbath, Massacre of the Innocents, tarantella of the satyrs, L.A. pagans drawing down the moon The Doors. The musical equivalent of a ritual sacrifice, an amplified sex throb, a wounded yet somehow elegant yowl for the lost soul of America, histrionic tricksters making hard cider of the apples of Eden and petting the head of the Snake.

    The Doors. The intensity begins the moment they stalk on stage and it doesn’t let up until the purge is over, the catharsis is complete. Even between numbers, there is no relaxation – no chit-chat, no horsing around- Like the great actors of Japan, The Doors project all the more intensity when they are silent. They even tuned up with an involvement so fierce it would have scared Don and The Goodtimes out of their pants.

The Doors- Their voice is dark and bloody, a voice from the bowels. Satanic in intensity, devouring in energy, awesome in spirit. The voice of Nietzche, stopped short in terror, succumbing to madness, lusting for the salvation of flesh. The Brechtian voice of the Berlin Music Hall, warning a new generation of the rising tide of fascism. A voice soaked with a rabid rage of destruction – but neither wanton nor negative.

Like Shiva, the Divine Destroyer of the Hindu, The Doors kill only to clear the way for rebirth; they hint at the eternal rhythmic balance of life and death. Four Doors:

John Densmore, drums. Perhaps the best drummer in all rock. While most non-drummers seldom stray from the beat, Densmore crosses the beat – in and out, back and forth, creating counter-beats and accentuating the off-beats. He not only provides The Doors with a fantastic complexity of percussion, he goads them into new time signatures and actually leads them along their epic melodic line.

Ray Manzarek, organ. As audacious as Pigpen, but far more authoritative, he obviously cut his teeth on Bach. Manzarek flows through a field of variations and figurations as grandiose as the richest Baroque. One moment he is pliant and searching, the next he is tearing at the keyboard like a starving man ripping a chicken apart. Robby Krieger, guitar. With the drums and organ taking the lead, Krieger supplies a hard, unyielding rhythm that occasionally explodes into startling new disclosures of chord and modulation.

Jim Morrison, vocals. Morrison begins where Mick Jagger and Eric Burden stop. An electrifying combination of an angel in grace and a dog in heat. he becomes intoxicated by the danger of his poetry, and, swept by impious laughter, he humps the microphone, beats it and sucks it off. Sexual in an almost psychopathic way, Morrison’s richly textured voice taunts and teases and threatens and throbs. With incredible vocal control and the theatrical projection of i Shakespearean star, he plays with the audience’s emotion; like a child with its doll: now I kiss you, now I wring you neck. The Doors are carnivores in a land of musical vegetarian; Their craftsmanship is all the more astonishing in the light of their savagery. They have the ensemble tightness of the Juilliard String Quartet – but their grandeur is not of the intellect but of warm red blood. Their talons, fangs and folded wings are seldom out of view, but if they leave us crotchraw and exhausted, at least they leave us aware of our aliveness. And of our destiny. The Doors scream into the darkened auditorium what all of us in the underground are whispering more softly in our hearts: We want the world an we want it…………………………………………………………. NOW!"

Seattle, July 1967
The Doors And What They Did To Me by Tom Robbins

" L I G H T   M Y   F I R E "   H I T S   # 1

Tue. July 25th:  "Light My Fire" Hits Number One
    In anticipation of the occasion Jim buys his well known black leather suit.  The album will go gold in September.

Wed. July 26th: 
Masonic Temple - Portland, OR

Fri. July 28th - Sun. 30th:  
Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco (4th of 5 weekends)
    Prior to this evenings event Jim presents promoter Bill Graham with a helmet adorned with bright psychedelic colors and written across the front is "The Morrison Special".  This is of course an apology for drilling him in the head with his twirling microphone during their last performance on June 9th and 10th.  The Doors play marvellously and as good as ever with an extended 10-minute version of "Light My Fire" that totally erupts the packed auditorium.  Also performing: Richie Havens; James Cotton

August 1967

Sat. Aug. 5th:  Earl Warren Showgrounds - Santa Barbara, CA
    The Doors do one 8:00 p.m. show promoted by Jim Salzer.

Earl warren poster

Wed. Aug. 9th:  Hampton Beach Casino - Hampton Beach, NH

Thu. Aug. 10th - Fri. 11th:
  Crosstown Bus Club - Brighton, MA
    The Doors do an early 8:00 p.m. show and a late 10:30 p.m. show this evening.  Also performing: The Ragamuffins

  Bus club

Sat. Aug. 12th:  Forest Hills Tennis Club - Forest Hills, Queens NY - Forest Hills Music Festival
    Nobody is here to see The Doors and the show is an absolute bust.  This isn't there kind of crowd.  Nearly all the 13,000 in attendance are here to see the homegrown Simon and Garfunkel. The Doors only play four songs in a short 30 minute set in which they had to borrow equipment just to play because theirs did not show up as scheduled.  Later Ray refers to this evening as their worst show of all-time!

Mon. Aug. 14th:  Delmonico Hotel - New York, NY (DU)
    The Doors receive the Billboard Award Presentation after 'Light My Fire' becomes the number one single in the nation on July 25th.

T H E   D O O R S  P L A Y  J I M ' S   H O M E   T O W N

Graduating Class of 1961
Geoge Washington High School - Alexandria, Virginia

Fri. Aug. 18th:  Annapolis National Guard Armory / Alexandria Roller Skating Rink - Annapolis, MD
    Due to a mix-up of scheduling The Doors do two shows this Friday in a rare double booking.  This is a special evening.  Jim returns to the home of his teenage years in which he attended George Washington High School to play a concert for the 2,500 - 4,000 in attendance this evening. Also performing: The Britons; The Tokens

    Annapolis promo

First Hand Experience from a member of The Britons: "We were the opening act for the Doors - our band was "The Britons", a local band in the Washington/Baltimore area.  We played two sets that night - the opening act and one Doors intermission.  The other headline band besides The Doors was "The Tokens".  They performed "Lion Sleeps .."  and another song that I don't remember, but had a very short set - no more than 2-3 songs as I recall.  There were three separate stage platforms for the three bands, arranged in a triangular arrangement in the Armory, so that each band could be set up and ready to play.  The Armory was packed and it was really hot inside and "hazy"

Mon. Aug. 21st:
  Sunset Sound Studios - Hollywood, CA (DU)
    The band is in the studio working on their second album Strange Days. The initial sessions began in early May. This is their first chance back in the studio since. The band is smoking a lot of pot in the studio. Jefferson Airplane, also recording their second album, stops by to see what The Doors are up to and comes in during Horse Latitudes and are astonished. Jim's attitude in the studio is much more confident. Jim however avoids the sessions until he absolutely has to be there. He shows up as a poetic scholar some days and others as a lunatic drunk. Jim is becoming unpredictable and unreliable skipping out of the studio on breaks and getting hammered.
    Elektra already has 500,000 advance orders for the band's second upcoming release Strange Days. Paul Rothchild is once again at the helm now using state of the art 8 track sound. Like "The End" on their first album, "When the Music's Over" is the highlight of the sessions, also recorded in only two takes. The band also spends time recording the soon to be title track and first single "Strange Days". The Doors retain publishing from Nipper Music and raise their take to 7.5% of profits in breif negotiations.

Fri. Aug. 25th:
  Las Vegas Convention Center - Las Vegas, NV
    The Doors open their 8:00 p.m. show this evening with 'Soul Kitchen'. Jim's voice is rough and hoarse but he doesn't let it slow down his performance which enlightens the crowd.

Fri. Aug. 25th(2):
  Malibu U. (ABC-TV) - Lee Carillo State Beach - Los Angeles, CA
    This is a lip-synched performance in which Jim doesn't even show-up for becoming more and more disgusted by the thought of lip-synching another song for broadcast.  The band has Robby's brother Ron fill in for Jim and never allude to Jim's abscence.

Sun. Aug. 27th:  
Cheetah - Santa Monica Pier, Venice CA
    The Doors play an all ages 3:30 p.m. show and then two late shows at 7:30 p.m and 11:00 p.m. to a packed house of over 3,500.

Wed. Aug. 30th: 
Timeline - Civil Rights
    Thurgood Marshall becomes the first black Supreme Court Justice appointee.

September 1967

    This is an extremely busy month for The Doors. Riding the success of their first album, they're finishing their second album, touring non-stop and Elektra is pushing a huge media explosion

Sat. Sept. 2nd:  Ashbury Park Convention Center - Ashbury Park, NJ
    The Doors are great tonight and Jim is wearing his new head-to-toe black leathers.  One 8:00 p.m. show.

Sun. Sept. 3rd: 
Will Rogers Exhibit Building - Fort Worth, TX - Teen Fair & Mardi Gras Festival

Willrogers promo

Mon. Sept. 4th:  "People Are Strange" / "Unhappy Girl" - Third Single Release (DU)
    This single is released three weeks prior to Strange Days.

Fri. Sept. 8th: 
Lagoon Park Patio Gardens - Farmington, Salt Lake City UT

Sat. Sept. 9th:  
Village Theater - NYC
    The Doors play an early 8:00 p.m. show and a late 10:30 p.m. show to a packed house. This is their second appearance and final show here. The auditorium is later bought by Bill Graham and named The Fillmore East. Jim with the strength and confidence of a number one behind him is becoming more theatrical on stage blending rock and drama. At the beginning of the concert, Jim hangs on to the curtain as it goes up and at the last moment he lets go vaulting to the stage and begins "When the Music's Over" with an incredibly primal and electrifying scream which sets the pace for an energy filled evening.  The band closes with "The End" and encores with "Light My Fire" in their late show to tremendous applause and mass adulation. 

by Paul Williams 1967

    The Doors, in person, have become the best the West has to offer. In concert at the Village Theater several weeks ago, they were frightening and beautiful beyond my ability to describe. In the audience, young men with thoughtfully groomed beards contorted like Beatles fans in the days of Shea Stadium. Robbie, Ray, and John excelled in musicianship, constantly adding to the perfection of their album (now number two in the country) and leaving no note unturned in their desire to communicate. And as it was meant to be, Jim stole the show. "I tell you, I tell you, I tell you we must die!" "Hope not," he added. Our hearts stopped. "The men don't know, but the little girls understand... Don't 'cha?"
    The audience gasped. The first show was the unexpected by way of the familiar, anticlimaxing nicely with "Light My Fire." The difference between records and live, the subtleties of new and old-as-new were illustrated with utter clarity.  Jim brilliantly carried the audience from anticipation to excitement to over-the-edge fright and joy. And the second show, opening with "When The Music's Over," made the first an introduction. If "Horse Latitudes" had shaken us stem to stern, still we didn't know how lost we were till Jim spoke, without accompaniment, the Sophocles section of "The End." And then fell, worshiping some young lady who knelt before the stage. And suddenly flew into the air, a leap to make Nureyev proud.
    And finally swung his microphone on its cord, around his head, toward the audience, more and more violent, prepared to release- everything; and we knew he'd do it. One of us would die. "This is the end," he sang into the now frustrated, unviolent microphone, "my only friend," and Jim was wonderful, shrugging his shoulders and letting the boys carry on in "Light My Fire."
    The Doors are now the best performers in the country, and if their albums are poetry as well as music, then the stage show is most of all drama, brillianttheater in any sense of the word. Artistic expression transcending all form, because you know as Jim died there for you on stage that that wasn't mere acting, but it was all for art. Christ, they say, became the perfect criminal, negating all crimes in his own most heinous one. Absolving the world by
absorbing all sins. And Jim dies a little more each day, pulling toward him all the violence around him, frightening and beautiful as he strains to perfect his art. And every day more of a pop star, pied piper of mice and the flower kids, and when the music's over.....

Crawdaddy Magazine Issue #7

Mon. Sept. 11th:  State University at Oswego - Lee Hall Gym, Oswego NY
    This show is limited to freshman and transfer students only and results in an auditorium full of prep-attired youngsters in penny loafers who think the band looks "scuzzy" and are withdrawn by Jim's suggestive mannerisms.

Thu. Sept. 14th:  CBC Television Studios - Toronto - The Rock Scene Like It Is (1 0f 6)
     The band has a chance to play  on this liberal television series yet omits the Oedipal section. The show broadcasts on October 16th and later in the US on August 1, 1970 in a show called the Now Explosion. This is one of the few television recorded shows the band is happy with.

Thu. Sept. 14th:  Musicarnival - Warrensville Heights, Cleveland OH (1st trip to the midwest)
    This is The Doors first trip to the midwest and they aren't really sure what to expect of the bible belt audiences. Tonight's crowd is sparce and only 700 show up under the tent that is made for 2,500. Jim says to start the show "This is one of the finest tents I've ever belonged to, but where is everybody, man."  The band puts on a terrific show, none the less, to devote fans beginning with "Soul Kitchen".

Musicarnival promo Musicarnival

Fri. Sept. 15th - Sat. 16th:  Ambassador Theater - Washington, D.C.
    These shows may have been cancelled.

E D   S U L L I V A N   S H O W

Sun. Sept. 17th:  
Ed Sullivan Theater - CBS W. 54th St. NYC
    In this infamous appearance, The Doors are asked to modify the word 'higher' in "Light My Fire".  The Doors oblige, and do so in rehearsal, but during the live broadcast Jim sings the song as it was originaal written and recorded.  The Doors are never invited back.  The Doors also perform their new single "People Are Strange" in a segment prior to the later "Light My Fire" segment. from this historical performance.


F A M O U S   Y O U N G   L I O N   P H O T O   S E S S I O N


Sun. Sept. 17th - Tue. 19th:  Photo Shoots - NYC (DU)
    While staying in New York, Jim and the band begin the first of three important photo shoots that will indemnify Jim's image. First is the 16 Magazine Shoot with Gloria Stavers. The next day they do the infamous Young Lion Shoot with Joel Brodsky of Elektra and later Jim does a photo shoot for Vogue. Jim also spends time at Gloria's apartment talking to her about his image and shooting more photos.
    Celebrating at a party around this time Jim meets Andy Warhol and Andy gives him an antique ivory and gold phone. Jim, later in a limo with Gloria Stavers, throws the phone in a sanitation dumpster and heads to Jac Holzman's apartment. Once there he beats on the door to no answer and proceeds to throw up all over the entrance threshold! Jim is rebelling against anyone and everything now trading hallucinogenics for alcohol.
    Also around this time, The Canned Heat, one of The Doors favorite groups out of Southern California, are playing at Cafe Au Go Go and the guys spend an evening or two supporting their pals who are playing here from the 12th -24th.

Wed. Sept. 20th:
  Union Catholic High School - Scotch Plains, NJ (DU)

Thu. Sept. 21st: 
Staples High School Auditorium - Westport, CT
    The Doors play tonight at what becomes a very cool place to play considering it's a high school auditorium and the music department's rehearsal room is used as the dressing room, which The Doors turn into a party room! Others that will make the trip here are the Animals, Cream, Frank Sinatra, the Rascals, Louis Armstrong, Phil Ochs, and Sly and the Family Stone. It sure would of been nice to go to this high school in the sixties! The show goes well with The Doors playing material straight off their first two albums. This show is promoted by the school's student council!

Fri. Sept. 22nd: 
Brown University Meehan Auditorium - Providence, RI
    The Doors play two memorable and lively performances tonight to about 3,000 college kids. During 'The End', while concluding their second set, Jim, dressed in total black leather, demolishes the projection screen that is being used to make swirling psychedelic images, while it is in full effect!

Fri. Sept. 22nd(2): 
Murray the K in New York - WPIX-TV, NYC
     The Doors were filmed earlier this month in Battery Park, NYC on a windy afternoon sitting around some large planters and this footage is used over a piece of music in which Jim, instead of lip-synching, was given a live microphone to sing "People Are Strange". Jim was in a mischievious mood and it requires several takes to get him to do a good version without fooling around or messing up the timing!  Following this, on the special, is a bizarre chase scene with Morrison dressed in black leather while the other members are dressed in white leading into "Light My Fire" which is played over a collage of shots of the band and some models. The show airs tonight and later on Oct. 9th and Nov. 4th.

Sat. Sept. 23rd:  
Stony Brook University Men's Gym - Stony Brook, NY

    This venue is sold out beyond capacity with over 3,000 overzealous college students that almost unknowingly overpower the under manned security staff. The band throughout the evening uses the energy of the crowd incorporating long passages of silence creating tension and drama. During "The End" the band pauses for over 3 minutes in producing extreme restlessness and just at the point of chaos the band jumps back into the song and finishes their performance for the evening. This was always one of The Doors most theatrical devices in which Jim would often take a little too far as he became less in tune with the audiences due to overindulging often to the point of absurdity sometimes losing the theatrical effect. He was often on a much different level!

Sun. Sept. 24th:  
Oakdale Musical Theater - Wallingford, CT
    The Doors play a total of nine songs during this 7:30 p.m. performance to just over 3,000. During lighting adjustments for "The End" some members of the audience start riding Jim and he in turn retaliates with some remarks of his own. This altercation seems to produce a rise in Jim and he gives one of his most intensely enigmatic versions of "The End" in which he almost assaults the crowd with deafening screams of incredible feeling while using extreme body gestures that enthralls the crowd and ends this evening's performance.

S E C O N D   A L B U M   R E L E A S E D

Mon. Sept. 25th:  Strange Days - Second album release
   Strange Days is released nationwide. The lyrics are printed in the sleeve to all the songs. The album instantly gains critical success and sales are very good.  The single "People are Strange" hits the Top 20 and the album quickly breaks the Top 10.

Wed. Sept. 27th:  KRNT Theater - Des Moines, IA

Fri. Sept. 29th: 
Denver University Student Union - Denver, CO
    This 8:00 p.m. performance is filmed by an independent producer and airs on Nov. 8th as part of the ABC-TV special Bruce Morrow's Music Power.

Sat. Sept. 30th: 
The Family Dog - Denver, CO
    This venue is Denver's version of the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. It recently opened on Sept. 8th and is operated in conjunction with the same people running the Avalon. At the end of the show, and to end the month, Jim hangs upside down from the stage railing during the conclusion of "The End" in a manner that makes him look completely hungout to dry.

O c t o b e r   -   D e c e m b e r


October 1967

Sun. Oct. 1st - Thu. 5th:  Steve Paul's Scene - NYC (2nd and final series, first was in June 1967)
    Jim (interveiw backstage before the show): "We're MUCH better in person. Our record album is only a map of our work. I'd like to play in a club where we could be with the people.  Maybe we wouldn't even play. It would be great to sit down and talk with the audience, get rid of all the seperate tables and have one big table." Ray (also backstage): "Yes, people become familiar with us through the album, but it's when they see us that it all happens. Our music short-circuits the conscious mind and allows the subconscious to flow free."
    Review: "Drama the kind that grabs your lapels and shoves you against a wall, is being reborn in a thousand clubs, discotheques and halls across America. It doesn't use sets, lighting and actors in the usual sense. It does use the rawhide-thong vocal chords of people like Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors. Morrison floats to the microphone, hangs limply on it, looking aside and down. Then his butterfly hand raises the microphone up, his body goes taught, his eyes look wildly in a personal darkness, and he forces his wild voice into the mike. It emerges from the amplifiers turning the room blue with hot, electric thunder. Then quietly, one hand cupped over his right ear, he begins to sing. It's theater." ("The New Generation: Theater with a beat," San Francisco Chronicle via the Chicago Tribune. September 28, 1967)

D A N N Y   S U G A R M A N ' S   F I R S T   D O O R S   C O N C E R T

Fri. Oct. 6th: Cal State Gymnasium - Los Angeles, CA
    Although touring mostly in the East the band comes home to Los Angeles to play an incredible set full of energy and dynamism.  Morrison screams with the vitality of ten men and performs part of the shows final song on his back belting out the final lines as the audience pushes forward causing security to circle the stage as the band climaxes on an electric evening of music and drama. Also performing: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and The Sunshine Company

    Reveiw: "At times during the brilliant improvisational sections to numbers, Morrison was like a conductor/dictator gone berserk.  He would thrash about attempting to zap the potent energy so abundant within him to each individual member of the group.  He screamed at them, urging them onto more volume, more notes, more intricacies, more, MORE, MORE.  He thundered back to his life-line microphone in time to reinstate pure human horror in the black air of the auditorium." (Jan Vogels,"Horror...the 20th Century...the drugs...horror...the Doors," UCLA Daily Bruin, Oct. 12, 1967)

Sun. Oct. 8th:  Tulsa Civic Assembly Center Auditorium - Tulsa, OK
    The Doors play on the closing night of the Oklahoma State Fair to an excited crowd of 1,000.  Jim is animated throughout the one hour set in a stage drenched in moody red and blue lights.

Mon. Oct. 9th - Tue. 10th: 
Steve Paul's Scene - NYC

Tue. Oct. 10th: 
Timeline - Of Interest
    The first issue of Rolling Stone magazine is on newstands.

Wed. Oct. 11th:  
Danbury High School - Danbury, CT


    This show is primarily attended by nearby college students from Western Connecticut State College and locals of Danbury. Prior to the show, Jim and his drinking buddy Tom Baker were partying all day. Tom even gets to introduce the band tonight preceeded by a female announcer who tells the crowd not to leave their seats during the performance or they will be escorted out of the venue! There was also a beauty pageant prior to this evenings performance.
    Early into the show a group of students who are mad about The Four Seasons being cancelled are ragging on the band about how wasted they look and how ragid they appear. The band plays great tonight with alot of energy, probably a carry over from their fabulous shows at The Scene. Jim however is pretty mellow and it isn't until late in the concert that he jumps off the stage into the startled audience during "The End", leaps back on stage, and begins to smash the microphone stand into the stage repeatedly in a violent scene. The marks are still there!

Thu. Oct. 12th:
  The Surf Club - Nantasket Beach, MA
    The Doors are to play two shows tonight but arrive late and only give one power packed performance at 8:30 p.m.  Also performing: Ultimate Spinach

Fri. Oct. 13th:
  The Lyric Theater - Baltimore, MD
    The Doors plays right off their first album finishing with a supberb version of "The End" ,of couse, during which Jim slams himself to the floor remaining motionless for a long period and then suddenly  leaps up and goes into an extremely loud and intense Oedipal section of the song as the crowd is totally blown away. They encore with "When The Music's Over".  Also performing: Tim Rose

Sat. Oct. 14th:
  Susquehanna University Field House - Selinsgrove, PA

Sun. Oct. 15th:
  Berkely Community College - Berkely, CA

Mon. Oct. 16th - Thu. 19th:
  The Scene - NYC

Sun. Oct. 16th (2):
  The Rock Scene: Like It Is - Toronto, Canada
    This is the broadcast date for the CBC-TV special taped on Sept. 14th.

Fri. Oct. 20th:
  University of Michigan I.M. Building - Ann Arbor, MI - (Homecoming)

Sat. Oct. 21st: 
Broadmoor Hotel Ballroom - Colorado Springs, CO
    The Doors play for The Colorado College homecoming dance.

Sun. Oct. 22nd: 
Williams College Gym - Williamstown, MA (DU)

Fri. Oct. 27th: 
Cal. Polytechnical State Univ. Men's Gym - San Luis Obispe, CA

Sat. Oct. 28th:  Univ. of Cal. Santa barbara Robertson Gym - Goleta, CA

November 1967

    The Doors are packing every place they play. The "young lion" photos are appearing everywhere and Jim's layout in Vogue omes out in the middle of the month. Both Time and Newsweek run articles on The Doors. The Doors are now mainstream news. Jim is becoming masterful on stage turning concerts into seances evoking cathartic experiences with his calculating moves and control of the audience. The Doors are playing at or near their best. Jim is treating each show as if it's his last giving all out performances.

Sat. Nov. 4th:  Community Concourse Convention Hall - San Diego, CA

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Mon. Nov. 6th:  16 Magazine Article

by Gloria Stavers 1967

    The facts are very simple. So simple that they might mislead you into thinking that the young man whose picture you see on this page is- well, a lot like a lot of other young men. But he isn't. His full real name is James Douglas Morrison. He was born on December 8, 1943, in Melbourne, Fla.- which is near Cape Kennedy. Jim is six feet tall and has brown hair and haunting blue-grey eyes. After attending Florida State University, he moved to California, where he studied film-making at UCLA. Fortunately, he was side-tracked into the world of music (which had always held great interest for him) and he soon found himself the lead singer of a group called the Doors.
    After almost two years of hard work, the Doors (Jim, Robby Krieger, John Densmore and Ray Manzarek) finally did what every group has to do in order to start their climb to the top- they cut a hit single record. Oddly enough, the hit had been sitting on record store shelves in the Doors Elektra LP for quite a while. One single was lifted from the LP and didn't make it. Then someone came up with the bright idea of releasing the vocal part of Light My Fire as a single record (if you have the LP, you know that the whole Light My Fire band is eight minutes long). Anyway, as they say, the rest is history. Except it really isn't- for Jim Morrison is not like any other pop singer to appear on the scene: past, present or future. One word that can describe him is "total". He is so whole, so complete, so all himself and nobody or nothing else that just meeting him is an unforgettable experience. Hearing him sing and watching him perform- well, that's really magic! I've been lucky enough to have this experience, and I'll try (mind you, try) to describe just a little bit of what it's like to you. So close your eyes, open your mind and take my hand while I try to lead you through "Jim Morrison's magic land". It begins like this:
    At first, everything is serene- blue and green. The lights are low and the stage is empty. Slowly, the boys come out and in the dark ness they start to "set up". You can hardly distinguish which is which. After a minimum amount of tuning up, the house lights suddenly go on. Just as they do, there is a fabulous blast of sound. It's the Doors- and they are on and it's unmistakably their music that you hear. Then, seemingly from nowhere, a figure leaps onto the stage. It's him- Jim Morrison! And you feel something you have never felt before. It's like an electric shock that goes all through you. Jim is singing and you realize that it's a combination of him, the way he looks and moves, and his sound that has completely turned you on. His voice is like spirals of flame, and beautiful red and yellow colors seem to fly out of his fingertips.
    Come on, baby, light my fire....He is singing it to you and all at once the room around you seems to glow. At first it's warm, then it's hot- like something burning, but it doesn't hurt. You dig it. It's the fire- the fire that Jim is singing about. The fire that he knows all about and now- suddenly- you do too! You are consumed by his vibrant presence and his sensational singing. He is electric. He is magic. He is all afire. And everything that he is, he is giving to you freely and totally!
    Then he is gone. The music continues for a while- echoing through your mind- and the room around you, which you think must have been consumed in the blaze that Jim created in you and all about you, slowly comes back into focus. Soon, all is serene again. It's blue. And it's green. And it's serene. But the gigantic talent of Jim Morrison has changed you- and you will never be the same again.

Wed. Nov. 8th:  Bruce Morrow's Music Power - ABC Studios, NY

Fri. Nov. 10th:  
Eagles Auditorium - Seattle, WA


Sat. Nov. 11th:  Gill Coliseum - Oregon State Univ., Corvallis, OR

Sun. Nov. 12th:
  Univ. of Oregon Gym - Eugene, OR (DU)

Wed. Nov. 15th:
  Vogue Magazine

Thu. Nov. 16th: 
Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco, CA

Fri. Nov. 17th - Sat. 18th:
  Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CA

Fri. Nov. 24th:  
Hunter College Playhouse - New York, NY


Sat. Nov. 25th:  Hilton Hotel Int'l Ballroom - Washington, D.C.

Hilton hotel

Sun. Nov. 26th:  Bushnell Auditorium - Hartford, CT

December 1967

Fri. Dec. 1st:
  Cal State Long Beach Men's Gym - Long Beach, CA

    The Doors play for 50% of the gate and make $10,000.00, the most money they have earned in one night, under new promoter Rich Linnell.

Sat. Dec. 2nd:  Portland Memorial Coliseum - Portland, OR

J I M   T U R N S   2 4

Fri. Dec. 8th:  Rensselaer Poly Institute Field House - Troy, NY
    Jim arrives late by limousine missing his plane in NYC. The band is not accepted well and the crowd doesn't want an encore. Jim is depressed and doesn't return to NYC on the plane but opts to take the limo 150 miles back alone.

J I M   I S   A R R E S T E D   O N   S T A G E

Sat. Dec. 9th:  New Haven Arena - New Haven, CT
    Jim meets a local 18 year old co-ed from nearby Southern Connecticut State and they start making out in a backstage shower stall. A police officer interrupts them and orders them out of the stall. Jim defies the cop, who thinks Jim is a hippie who snuck backstage, and eventually gets maced in the face. Jim screams in pain running towards the dressing room. Bill Siddons arrives and explains everything to the cop. The officer apologizes and Jim soon recovers taking the police lined stage. During the last song of the evening, "Back Door Man", Jim tells the story of the backstage episode and starts taunting the police and baiting the crowd. The auditorium lights are switched on. Soon policemen surround Jim and drag him off the stage brutally arresting him. The crowd riots leaving the venue in disarray and many are arrested. Jim is the first rock star to be arrested on stage. Jim is charged with "breach of peace, resisting arrest and indecent or immoral exhibition." Hours later about 80 protestors gather at the police station in demonstration and more arrests are made. Jim is released around 2:00 A.M. on a bail bond of $1,500.00. Trial is set for January.

Jim after being maced backstage

Sun. Dec. 10th:  The New Haven Aftermath

    The Doors make headlines across the country with the press siding with Jim finding no justification for the arrest.  A few weeks later the charges are dropped.  The F.B.I. opens an active file on James Douglas Morrison. 

Timeline - Music:  Otis Redding dies just 2 days after recording his only major hit "Dock of the Bay".

Fri. Dec. 15th: 
Sacramento Memorial Auditorium - Sacramento, Ca

Sat. Dec. 16th:
  Swing Auditorium - San Bernardine, Ca
The Doors play only 5 songs due to technical difficulty. Jim tells the crowd of 7,200 that they are going to take a break to fix the problem but never return!

R A Y   G E T S   M A R R I E D


Thu. Dec. 21st:  Ray and Dorothy Wed - City Hall, L.A.

Fri. Dec. 22nd - Sat. 23rd:  
Shrine Exposition Hall - Los Angeles, CA

Tue. Dec. 26th - Thu. 28th:  Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CA

Wed. Dec. 27th (2):  Jonathon Winters Show - CBS TV Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Fri. Dec. 29th - Sun. 31st:  The Family Dog - Denver, CO Family dog

End of the year: 
Timeline - Vietnam War
    486,000 American troops are in Vietnam and of the 15,000 that will be killed in the war, 60% died in this year - 1967 - which is remembered more for "The Summer of Love"? Strange Days ends the year in the third spot nationally. Around this time, each of The Doors receive a royalty check for $50,000.00.

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