The Doors 1969 Tourbook

Compiled from the last remaining copy, this presentation offers a page-by-page experience of the original Doors Tour Book produced in 1969.  It was to be sold to fans for one dollar starting on March 1, 1969 - the opening tour date in Miami, Florida, at the Dinner Key Auditorium, but all remaining copies went into storage after the tour was cancelled following the controversial concert.  Following the mayhem all remaining copies were to be destroyed after Jim Morrison's death.  Now, presented for the many Doors fans who never had a chance to purchase one, you have a chance to see this rarity.  This sole surviving copy is from Danny Sugerman's personal collection and is now part of the Doors Official Archives.

The following pages are in the order they appear in the tourbook after the first page which is the lyrics to "Texas Radio And The Big Beat" followed by Jim's signature